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Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!!

I hope ya'll had a blessed Thanksgiving! Personally mine was mellow and although dinner was BANGIN' I didn't over do it...How about you?! 

It's OK to indulge this time of the year... My plan is to stick to a clean diet during the week so that I can indulge on those "special" days ;) and of course stick to my workouts! I'm so excited about this coming week cause I will be trying a couple of new things at the gym---BOXING, TRX and a complimentary personal training session thanks to a Holiday program being offered for FREE!!!! 

---BRING IT!!! lol

Anywho... I am so proud of myself for finally getting started on studying! I am looking to take the ACSM exam in February so I must hit the books HARD!!! This morning when I was walking out of the gym one of the trainers stopped me and said Helen you need to stop playing and work here already!!! YES I DO!!! and I'm on it! :)

We all need a little motivation and I'm grateful for being part of such a great gym---definitely get motivation day in and out!

Hope you guys are staying consistent with both diet and workouts!  

Today's workout was great--- I did a little bit of everything, body weight exercises and plyos, laying off  heavy weights cause of my lower back :(  I got my cardio in with 30 minutes of intervals on the tread climber and then 10 minutes on the the step mill  to finish up.

I'm really craving a heavy leg and glutes workout; let's see what I can do tomorrow!



  1. I need help with my glutes! I lost a few pds and I feel like I am losing my ass :-/ can u recomend a routine to get my ass back to BAM... LoL Help me BUFFCHICAWOW!!!

  2. I can't really give you a routine...cause I am not certified YET...but squats, lunges (with weights) stepmill are all part of my workouts. is a great source for workouts and excercises---check it out!

    To get your ass back to BAM you must be consistent and NOT afraid of weights! Stay tuned for a post on training glutes coming soon! ;)