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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A little about ME & tonight's KILLER workout

Here's a little about me---
Check out the feature on Cameesha G. Personal Trainer & Motivational Fitness Coach's blog! This girl is one of MY motivations and her words mean a lot to me! Feel free to comment and share! ♥

ALSOOOO, I need to share tonight's workout cause it was DA BOMB!!!! lolol

warm up on treadclimber for 10 min.

Squats on Smith Machine 4 x 10 
supersets w/ romanian deadlifts 4 x 10

Hack Squats 4 x 10

Super Sets x 4---Leg Press shoulder width 10 and Isometric 10 then jump squats 16 

Barbell walking lunges 45lbs 4 x 12

Long walking lunges no weights 4 x 12

lying leg curls 4 x 8 isometric 3 x 6 and then just when I was about to cool down on the treadclimber one of the trainers pulled me into TRX class! OMG... I am going to be hurting tomorrow!!!!
Totally loved it!! I surprise myself every time I push through a workout like this after such a long day... :)

Well Chicas.. let me know if you try this workout and if you like it! 

::train like you mean it!::

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