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Friday, December 30, 2011

Got Challenge?!

This is what yesterday felt like!!!
I am soooo sooo excited for what I will be doing these next few weeks!!!! I registered for boot camp after taking the demo yesterday...Boy was that an ass kickin'!!!! Just what I need!!! I am so looking forward to the sweat, the pain, (the tears?!), the CHALLENGE!!!!! 

So I asked the instructor to measure my Body Fat and he was nice enough to do it and even take my measurements!!! He says that he will help me reach my goal (lean out and lower  body fat) during these next four weeks---how?? by helping me with my meal plan (diet).  He knows I train well, got my cardio down as well as the weights, but I need the extra push with nutrition (too much sugar!!!!).  So my homework is to log in EVERYTHING I eat for the next week (YIKES!!!!) 
DEE-LISH clean dish from MMG!! yummy! :)
According to him I can bring down my BF from 20% to 17% or even 15% if I do as he tells me!! He says he wants me to commit to a CLEAN diet, as if I were prepping for a show, for the next for weeks---which has gotten me thinking... 

hhmmmmmm...  Let's see what this new year brings!!!!!

Let 2012 be the year YOU make it happen!!!
Till next year Chicas!!! xo

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  1. Ohhh this looks intense!!!! I haven't started my boot camp yet but im excited to start in mon.