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Monday, November 21, 2011

Talk is Cheap!

So Saturday morning I was jammin' in the sauna to some Jay-Z some Drake, Rihanna.... Ya know ;) I could live at the gym, I love my time there...just me, my music and the iron....ahhhhhh!

I can't believe how passionate I've become of training, but sometimes I think what's the point? People often tell me I train I training for competition? They're surprised when I say no...I'm just training lol...hmmmm why do I kill myself? Cause I love the feeling I get when I lift; when I's a release...

and I also love the results; the changes I's really amazing what you can do both physically and mentally with your workouts!

I'm always looking for a challenge- I always try to push myself harder and harder BUT I need to stop talking and thinking about it and get my study on so I can get certified!

Tonight I think I will be training Bis and BACK... 

I'm supposed to go back to morning workouts but I need to prepare myself mentally for that again LOL!!!

Stay motivated and remember TALK IS CHEAP!!!! Get to IT! 


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