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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I know, I know...I've been M.I.A. been slackin'!  But no more...I am back and I am focused!
Marlene puttin in WORK!
There's a lot going on in my life... and I am trying to focus on what is important--my family and my happiness!  I am discovering who I am only then will I be able truly be the mom my kids need. It ain't easy but I am working on this and I promise I will keep you posted!!!

Since I've started working out about 2 yrs (?) I have learned a lot and have grown to love fitness!!! I LOVE IT!!! I am so happy to have joined the gym I go to because there, I have met great people.I am not one to really socialize at the gym, BUT I mean if you are there everyday you become familiar with faces and eventually stir up a conversation or two. SO I have been working out with Marlene, who a few months ago "befriended" me when she came up to me and said she really wished she could train like me (whatever that is!) LOL and ever since then we have been workout buddies. I preferred to train alone, until I met Marlene that is, she's no slacker, never saying "oh, I can't do this" and always staying up to pace--She is always up to a challenge just like me! Marlene keeps me motivated and seeing the progress she is making is great!

So...yes I want to be a personal trainer...BUT I've been slackin!!!! I have not devoted myself to studying and just keep procrastinating... I recently spoke to the manager at my gym about possibly joining the team, but YES I need the certification... so why can't I just do IT?!  

I have the passion, but I need to crack em books open!

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  1. You can do it! Just set the time on your schedule and make yourself. Or is there something causing you to hesitate? Do you need to be cautious about something? Ask yourself the tough questions, seek peace. If you've got peace, do it! Change doesn't come easy and it won't come at all unless we take the first step of faith!