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Friday, December 30, 2011

Got Challenge?!

This is what yesterday felt like!!!
I am soooo sooo excited for what I will be doing these next few weeks!!!! I registered for boot camp after taking the demo yesterday...Boy was that an ass kickin'!!!! Just what I need!!! I am so looking forward to the sweat, the pain, (the tears?!), the CHALLENGE!!!!! 

So I asked the instructor to measure my Body Fat and he was nice enough to do it and even take my measurements!!! He says that he will help me reach my goal (lean out and lower  body fat) during these next four weeks---how?? by helping me with my meal plan (diet).  He knows I train well, got my cardio down as well as the weights, but I need the extra push with nutrition (too much sugar!!!!).  So my homework is to log in EVERYTHING I eat for the next week (YIKES!!!!) 
DEE-LISH clean dish from MMG!! yummy! :)
According to him I can bring down my BF from 20% to 17% or even 15% if I do as he tells me!! He says he wants me to commit to a CLEAN diet, as if I were prepping for a show, for the next for weeks---which has gotten me thinking... 

hhmmmmmm...  Let's see what this new year brings!!!!!

Let 2012 be the year YOU make it happen!!!
Till next year Chicas!!! xo

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh Come On NOW!

Wow... I've been kickin' myself for being a slacker for the past few weeks yet I been getting all these messages from friends on Facebook I haven't seen in a while telling me how my pictures and blog is an inspiration for them.  I get the constant, give me a diet, I want to lose weight but I hate the gym...and of course the classic, but I don't really eat that much... Well all these are a no no to get that body you want cause...

TRUTH IS...there is no MAGIC diet, trick or pill that will get that weight off and make you look fit or must put in the WORK!!!  It's all about consistency and combination of diet and training.  When I say diet I don't mean those fad diets-ATKINS, juice diets, or starving yourself eating one meal a day diets!  I am talking about eating CLEAN, eating 5-6 times a day to rev up your metabolism, incorporating protein, healthy fats and good carbs into your day.  And when I say TRAINING I mean a combination of cardio and resistance training.  No need to spend hours upon hours on the treadmill...30-60 min at least 4 x a week is good enough and be sure to change it up, treadmill, step-mill, bicycle, etc.  I love doing 20-30 minutes of HIIT on the treadclimber, mixing it up with intervals of walking/lunges on an incline, running, side running and so on.  I also like to mix up the machines with plyometrics to get that HR up! 

Resistance training Chicas, I can not stress this enough!!!
Contrary to popular belief, lifting (HEAVY) weights will NOT bulk you up or make you look like a MAN!!!! Weights are going to sculpt that body you want, believe me, I know! I am still a work in progress, but I have seen amazing changes in my body because of lifting! (I LOOOOVE IT!). 

 From Bo Shin, ON/ABB Sponsored Athlete, Content Editor/Host at Fashion|One TV
"What burns more fat? Running on the treadmill at a steady pace for a given time, or doing 1/2 an hour of weight training?

Running will burn more calories at the moment (perhaps 300 calories for 1/2 hour) but a 1/2 hour session will have you burning more calories throughout the day. Your body needs to repair itself from the muscle damage done from weight training, so your body burns more calories for an extended time. Also, the more muscle you have the more your body will metabolize fat and increase your caloric effectiveness. So pump it up!!! :)

Happy Holidays Chicas!!! xo

Thursday, December 15, 2011

We all love to eat, but some of us ---well I should speak for myself here--- lack creativity, shall we say, in the cooking department...soooo why not use our resources and get to cookin'?!  

Ever since our high school days Paola has been known for her baking and cooking skills; she was always baking up delicious treats and sharing awesome recipes.  Below you will find the first of many to come (hopefully) recipes from Paola of fetaychocolatta.  Make sure you check out her blog for more yummy treats!

Try it and let me know what you think! 

Enjoy Chicas!!! xo

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm Baaaack!

I know, I know... I've been MIA for a minute---was just having a rough couple of weeks but I'm baaaack!  Is everybody ready for Christmas?!  I am so not done with shopping yet...such the procrastinator *sigh!

So let me tell you....I signed up for TRX Suspension Training to strengthen my core and lower back...this type of training is different for me since its solely using my body weight...I started on Monday and boy did I feel it!  This program is once a week for 4 weeks.

I must say that I've been feeling sluggish recently but have made it a point to push through my workouts and today was a great one! I shocked my shoulders and killed my cardio. :)    

Here's what I did:

Warm up 15 minutes on the tread climber alternating inclines between 10, 15 and 20.

Then I went over to the free weights:

Dumbbell Shoulder Press:  4 x 10
Side Lateral Raise: 4 x 10
Front Two Dumbbell Raise: 3 x10
Front Dumbbell Raise:  3 x 10
Face Pull: 4 x 12 superset with Burpees 4 x10/12
Machine Shoulder Military Press: 3 x 12

25 minutes on step mill

and finally...finished up with 3 x 10 side to front raises with 5lbs plates

Burn Baby Burn!!!!! :)

Chicas...Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone---you might just like what you find!!!! xo