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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Ventures, New Goals!!!

Wow, it's been too long Chicas!!!! So here I am, a new year-- so long has happened since the last time I blogged! Well for starters--- I am on a new adventure-- I finally decided I want to compete and have embarked the prepping journey a few weeks ago. I'd love for you to follow me till showtime sometime this summer! I am loving the challenge and have already learned so much about myself in these past few weeks--the areas where I need work the most---SELF CONTROL being the biggest right now!

It takes a lot to discipline yourself on certain things in life. Whether it is nutrition, training, relationships, we need to always think about the end result, how would this affect our goals?


Accountability is also a very helpful tool; Working with a coach has definitely helped me stay on track because I know I have to check in with progress pics and stats every week. Even telling family or friends your goals and target dates can help keep you accountable for progress.
Last night I had to talk myself out of eating a whole can of almonds--reminded myself of what my goal is and threw out half of the can. Although I am very disciplined throughout the day, I train hard, follow my nutrition plan- I still fight the snack attacks at night just like most people. I literally had a conversation with myself, deciding that since I can not control myself I will not bring almonds or regular peanut butter into the house again LOL!

In the big scheme of things it’s SUCH a SMALL sacrifice!! Ladies, follow me on

--- @helen_perez

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