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Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Holidays!!

I hope ya'll had a blessed Thanksgiving! Personally mine was mellow and although dinner was BANGIN' I didn't over do it...How about you?! 

It's OK to indulge this time of the year... My plan is to stick to a clean diet during the week so that I can indulge on those "special" days ;) and of course stick to my workouts! I'm so excited about this coming week cause I will be trying a couple of new things at the gym---BOXING, TRX and a complimentary personal training session thanks to a Holiday program being offered for FREE!!!! 

---BRING IT!!! lol

Anywho... I am so proud of myself for finally getting started on studying! I am looking to take the ACSM exam in February so I must hit the books HARD!!! This morning when I was walking out of the gym one of the trainers stopped me and said Helen you need to stop playing and work here already!!! YES I DO!!! and I'm on it! :)

We all need a little motivation and I'm grateful for being part of such a great gym---definitely get motivation day in and out!

Hope you guys are staying consistent with both diet and workouts!  

Today's workout was great--- I did a little bit of everything, body weight exercises and plyos, laying off  heavy weights cause of my lower back :(  I got my cardio in with 30 minutes of intervals on the tread climber and then 10 minutes on the the step mill  to finish up.

I'm really craving a heavy leg and glutes workout; let's see what I can do tomorrow!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No Pain, No Gain RIGHT?!

Well, I don't know...but I'm beginning to worry...I've been having lower back pain on and off for while now--used to be right after a heavy lower body workout, but now it's on any given day... Today even plie squats were hurting! 

I think it's time for me to see a doctor...enough of hoping it'll go away :( 

Guess I will have to lay off weights till further notice? will I cope?! LOL

On another note!!!! Here are the HOLIDAYS which means a lot of hanging out and EATING and DRINKING!  

Will YOU be working out more these days or will you take it EASY and wait for your New Year resolution?! 

Until next time!!! xo
Chicas, here's one of my favorite bits of motivations---
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